Thursday, June 21, 2007


On a riverboat
as Pahn steps into a room
a man steps out

Pahn means to think nothing of this
but cries instead
and Rakhehla holds him
and she sings to him
his old songs
and though he can’t decide if she understands them
or if knowing them (him)
makes a difference
finally he feels something
even if it isn’t love
and so it is time to join the men

Pahn sits with laughers
friends of hers
They eat chocolate
Pahn eats chocolate
and laughs too

Pahn sees the price—
eight dollars
for one big slab
and there are many

Leaving the steamboat
he walks
and something is wrong
His sister
garden and heather
sits near a gate
Pahn asks why

She won’t answer
but her stomach is sick and coming up
Pahn speculates that she
has eaten too much chocolate

--mojo risin'

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barbara jane said...

brian! please email me! i'd like to send you an invitation to submit work to a print journal i'm guest editing!

bjanepr at yahoo dot com

thanks! (sorry, i cdnt find your email anywhere....)